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Posture Medic

Posture Medic Posture Medic is recommended for anyone over the age of 12, that sits or stands for long periods of their day. The Posture Medic is designed to gently remind you to make posture corrections. Learn how to correct your posture and strengthen your muscles. It can be used practically anywhere and by people with every level of physical ability. The user manual includes instructions for 3 stretches, 3 strengthening exercises and a program that allows you to graduate to different levels. Available in 4 sizes and 2 strengths. Consult the dealer for the right size to fit you.

Ice Tape

Ice Tape Ice Tape™ is a flexible compression bandage that is infused with a hydrophilic (water seeking) gel. When Ice Tape™ is exposed to the air and applied to a body part, the gel feels cold against the skin. Applying some stretch while wrapping creates compression for the region.


Cryo-Blaze+ Logo Cryo-Blaze+ is a premium hot & cold pack with 2 thermal diffusion surfaces – a silky side and a plush side in a high quality fabric. It comes with a strapping system to secure the pack to your body.


EZMEND Logo EZMEND can help as you begin to exercise your joints after surgery, as it is a non-weight bearing exercise device. It is important that you begin to exercise your joints following surgery, under your surgeon’s supervision, to help restore range of motion and strength. Orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists recommend EZMEND to help restore mobility and strength, to promote a faster and simpler recovery.


LivRelief Logo LivRelief uses a breakthrough medical technology called delivra™ compounded with other active ingredients to provide superior pain relief. delivra is a robust “delivery system” that allows active molecules to travel through the skin and deep into the dermis.


SlimQuick SlimQuick is committed to developing weight-loss solutions that are specifically designed for women. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges women face and develops breakthrough products.Our team works hard to stay on top of emerging science and research to investigate effective ingredients to incorporate into our products. We scrutinize and evaluate each ingredient to determine whether it will help deliver meaningful results. We are confident that the SLIMQUICK line of products will contribute towards your overall weight-loss goals – whether it’s reducing inches off your waistline, supporting your lower-calorie diet plan, or simply finding the energy to work out and stay fit.

SlimQuick Pure

Slim Quick Pure New SlimQuick Pure! The most effective weight loss supplement designed specifically to help women manage their weight, now with Bio-Pure Green Tea™. Only SlimQuick Pure works to address the 6 physical reasons women have trouble losing weight.

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