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Shopland Health Connections Inc. connects manufacturers and distributors of healthcare products with retailers in Canada.


Innovita Ltd.

Innovita Innovita Ltd. is a Canadian developer/distributor of unique, category-leading products across a range of treatment/condition modalities and needs – all focused to combine improved value and appeal to the end user, with better opportunity and margin for the store. As a sister company of The Vitality Depot, Canada’s largest Distributor/Reseller to Allied Health Care Providers, Innovita is perfectly placed to identify market needs and trends, then delivering ideal product solutions to Home Health Care and Wellness customers. Brands include: Posture Medic

LivCorp Inc.

LivCorp Logo
LivCorp Inc. is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and is comprised of a team of innovators who bring together 125 years of medical and corporate experience. The goal of the company is to develop natural, safe and effective medications, using a revolutionary new delivery system, delivra™.

Wellnx Life Sciences

Wellnx Life Sciences Wellnx Life Science is a consumer packaged goods company devoted to the discovery, development and marketing of weight-loss supplements. At Wellnx, every product is developed based on two guiding principles: innovation and science. They actively seek out new and innovative clinically substantiated ingredients, directly and with their research partners, to develop and produce effective weight-loss solutions. Brands include: SlimQuick, SlimQuick Pure and Phytogenix Ultimate.

Nexidea, a Division of Global Upholstery Co. Inc.

Nexidea Nexidea, a Division of Global Upholstery Co. Inc., Canada’s largest commercial office furniture manufacturer, provides home health care assisted living products such as Lift Chairs and Multi-Purpose Tables that are made in Canada. As a Canadian manufacturer, they guarantee quality and create unique designs and furniture styles. Nexidea understands and respects their clients’ needs and they aim for the finest quality, provide responsive customer service and keep their product lines fresh, in style and forward thinking.

SDS Pharma Partners

SDS Pharma Partners SDS Pharma Partners focuses on sales and marketing to the healthcare retail market in Pharmacy, OTC, Home Health Care and Medical supply channels. Services include product development, pharmacy business services, strategic management and commercialization services for entry into the North American market. Client portfolio includes licensed medical devices, home health care products, natural products and allied services.

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