Succeed at Business and at Life

Business, Leadership & Life Coaching for Family-led Businesses

We work with family-led businesses to integrate family values with business success!

Join us on May 13th for this in-person retreat.

Creating Better Connection

Thrive Together Couples Retreat

The Thrive Together Couples Retreat helps successful couples thrive by creating better connection together at work and at home.

During this one day retreat you will learn tools to help create better communication and how to have critical conversations where you are both heard and valued.

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Shopland Coaching

Business Coaching to help family-led businesses integrate family values and business success, creating a legacy for future generations.

Laurie Shopland Coaching

Life Coaching to help you feel empowered and confident by learning how to manage your mind and master your emotions.


We Are Jim & Laurie Shopland, Certified Business and Life Coaches.

We help family-led businesses “get on the same page” to:

  • strengthen existing teams
  • identify & develop effective leaders
  • improve communication
  • clarify family & non-family roles
  • plan for succession.

“Solving the challenges where the demanding needs of business and family conflict.”

Jim & Laurie Shopland
Our Program

Succeed at Business and at Life

Business Coaching to guide family-led business leaders to keep up with the rapid growth and development of their business.

Leadership Coaching to enhance individual and team performance that emphasizes family values and unique strengths.

Life Coaching to help you feel empowered and confident by learning how to manage your mind and master your emotions.

Why Work With Us

Succeed at Business and at Life

Qualified & Certified

Both Jim, an award winning Certified Professional Business Coach and Laurie, an award winning Certified Life Coach, bring a lifetime of experience to the coaching relationship.

Succeed at Business and at Life

Proven Results

Coaching complements classroom education, corporate mentoring, internship programs and in-house training session to help future generations develop their own unique abilities and skills.

Succeed at Business and at Life

Custom Programs

Coaching is designed to strengthen existing teams, identify & develop effective leaders, improve communication, clarify family & non-family roles, and plan for succession.

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