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Connecting healthy brands with health savvy consumers.

Shopland Health Connections is the missing piece in getting your natural health product seen, selling, and successful.

Offering end-to-end broker services no matter where your product is in its lifecycle, we’re your partners in bringing your brand to life and strategically connecting it with the right customers, at the right time.

Where do you fit?

New Products

Have a big idea for a natural health product? Get advice and support early on, and take the guesswork out of the “go to market” strategy.

Existing Product

Have a Natural Health Product you’re ready to sell in drug and grocery stores, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got the goods.

Ready to grow

Have a natural health product already selling in drug and grocery stores? Let our strategies and insights amplify your brand.


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Here’s what’s new on the blog:

Hire a Pro

Laurie shares the insights of hiring professionals to rebuild their website.
The importance of letting the Pro’s do what they’re good at.

As entrepreneurs we often convince ourselves that we have to be “the jack-of-all-trades” and do everything in our business ourselves and do it well!

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Podcast Guest

Jim Chats retail on “This Commerce Life.

This week I was asked to contribute to a colleague’s Podcast on the importance of connecting with a Broker early in the planning process when launching a product.

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We’re Expanding!

Shopland Health Connections is expanding, and we owe it all to you!

You (our fabulous clients) are building your businesses faster than ever, expanding your reach into new and bolder markets and increasing your product lines hand over fist.

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“Our goal at Shopland Health Connections is to partner with brands (that’s you) to help them be as successful as they aspire to be.

Your passion is your product. Our passion is building relationships that make an impact. Let’s work together to connect you with the community that’s been waiting for exactly what you have to offer!”

Jim + Laurie Shopland

Co-FoundersShopland Health Connections

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